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Thanks for playing on synserv's semi-vanilla survival server! This server is all about providing a refreshing semi-vanilla survival experience, with some quality-of-life features and commands, as well as an economy.

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-About LandClaim
-Ranking System
-Available Commands


We are a very simple server and we believe in fundamental rights like freedom of speech and action. We don't have a whole lot of rules and we expect you to use common sense. However, there are some rules we require you to follow:

1) You must be able to speak english. This server is based in the United States and a majority of players' main language is english. On top of that, the owner doesn't even know how to speak any other languages, lol. So please be able to communicate in english. (To clarify, it is NOT against the rules to speak your native language, so long as you can also speak english)

2) No hacking, exploiting, or item duplicating under any circumstances.

3) No griefing, stealing, or trolling!

4) No using alt accounts to bypass bans or any other punishment. You will be permanently IP banned if you are caught doing this.

5) Swearing is fine, but don't be a dick.

6) Just use common sense! We don't want to have to ban anyone :(

about landclaim

please, please, PLEASE! CLAIM YOUR LAND!
While griefing is against the rules, and those who break them will be punished, I cannot rollback chunks if someone messes up your stuff. It is your responsibility to claim your land! 
Use /claim to claim land.


we have our server posted on multiple minecraft server list websites. if you'd like to help us gain more players (more people for you to play with!) please type /vote in the server chat and vote for our server. not only will you help us gain more players, but you will also earn diamonds and in-game-currency every time you vote! you can use this in-game-currency to buy more landclaim blocks and also items at the chest shops, located near spawn. if you vote enough times you'll also rank up! 

ranking system

Our server has a ranking system that advances you based on how many times you have voted for our server on server listing websites. You can vote using /vote. To print a list of all the voting websites use /voteall.
Votes mean a lot to us. It's how we get more players to join the server! 

Our ranks go in the following order:

- 12 Votes - "Regular" | 4 Sethomes, +400 Claimblocks, +3 Diamonds, +1 Shulker Box, +1 Iron Sword and Pickage, +32 Cooked Steak, +20 Emeralds, +3 Golden Apples, +5 XP Levels.

36 Votes - "Veteran" | 6 Sethomes, +600 Claimblocks, /hat access, +4 Diamonds, +64 Cooked Steak, +25 Emeralds, +6 Golden Apple, +10 XP Levels.

- 75 Votes - "Elite" | 8 Sethomes, +800 Claimblocks, +8 Diamonds, +64 Cooked Steak, +30 Emeralds, +10 Golden Apples, +64 Inc Sacs, +10 Ghast Tears, +15 XP Levels.

135 Votes - "VIP" | 10 Sethomes, +1000 Claimblocks, +10 Diamonds, +64 Cooked Steak, +35 Emeralds, +15 Golden Apples, +1 Nether Star, +1 Cow Spawn Egg, +1 Smite Enchanted Book, +20 XP Levels.

225 Votes - "Millionaire" | 15 Sethomes, +1250 Claimblocks, +4 Diamond Blocks, +64 Cooked Steak, +40 Emeralds, +20 Golden Apples, +2 Beacons, +1 Diamond Armor Set, +5 Netherite Ingots, +1 custom Mac Demarco music disc, +1 Server Owner Skull, +1 Looting Enchanted Book, +20 XP Levels.

- 330 Votes - "Master" | 18 Sethomes, +1500 Claimblocks, +32 Diamonds, +64 Cooked Beef, +32 Emerald Blocks, +20 Golden Apples, +64 XP Bottles, +1 Shulker Shell, +1 Wither Skeleton Skull, +2 Netherite Ingots, +35 XP Levels.

- 450 Votes - "King" | 20 Sethomes, +1750 Claimblocks, 64 Diamonds, +64 Cooked Steak, +45 Emeralds, +25 Golden Apples, +64 XP Bottles, +1 Bane Of Arthopods Enchanted Book, +40 XP Levels.

- 650 Votes - "Legend" | 24 Sethomes, +2000 Claimblocks, +64 Diamonds, +64 Cooked Steak, +45 Emeralds, +35 Golden Apples, +64 XP Bottles, +50 XP Levels.

- 1000 Votes - "Fossil" | Unlimited Sethomes, +2300 Claimblocks, +64 Diamonds, +64 Cooked Beef, +64 Emeralds, +40 Golden Apples, +64 XP Bottles, +50 XP Levels.

- 1500 Votes - "OG" | +3000 Claimblocks, +100 Diamonds, +100 Cooked Steak, +100 Emeralds, +100 Golden Apples, +64 XP Bottles, +40 XP Levels.

available commands

/spawn - return to spawn
/warp - teleport to a server warp
/warps - lists all the server warps
/tpr - teleport somewhere random
/tpa - request to teleport to someone
/tpahere - request for someone to teleport to you
/tpaall - requests for all players on the server to teleport to you (do not abuse or spam)
/tpaccept - accepts a teleport request
/tpdeny - denies a teleport request
/tpacancel - cancels a teleport request
/back - returns you to your previous location after teleporting
/compass - tells you what direction you are facing
/sethome - sets your home. for multiple homes do /sethome name
/delhome - deletes your home. if you have multiple homes do /delhome name
/home - takes you home. if you have multiple homes do /home name
/renamehome - rename your home
/depth - tells you your depth
/fly - enable or disable fly mode

Land Claiming
/claim - claim land
/abandonclaim - abandon your land claim
/abandonallclaims - abandon all of your claims
/trust - trust a player to do anything on your claim
/untrust - untrust a player from your claim
/trustlist - prints a list of players that you have trusted on your claim
/accesstrust - grant someone access to the beds, buttons, and levers on your landclaim.
/containertrust - grant someone access to the chests, crops, animals, bed, buttons and levers on your landclaim.
/permissiontrust - allows a trusted player to trust other players on your claim
/buysellclaimblocks - buy or sell more claimblocks with in-game currency
/subdivideclaim - allow a player to have a small claim inside of your big claim
/transferclaim - transfer ownership of your claim to another player
/trapped - use this if you are trapped inside of a player's claim and cannot leave

/balance - check your bank balance
/pay - pay a player
/balancetop - see who has the most money

/ignore - ignore a player's chat messages
/unignoreplayer - unignore a player's chat messages
/ignoredlist - list of ignored players
/mail - check your private messages
/msg - send a player a private message
/r - quickly reply to the last private message you received
/msgtoggle - enable or disable receiving private messages
/nick - set a nickname for yourself

Other Stuff
/vote - vote for the server! you'll help us find new players and also you'll also receive diamonds and in-game currency!
/tps - shows you the server tickrate
/afk - mark yourself as AFK
/enderchest - opens your enderchest
/exp - tells you how much exp you have
/kittycannon - shoot exploding cats at your enemies
/list - prints a list of all players currently online
/near - prints a list of nearby players
/playtime - tells you your total playtime on the server
/realname - tells you the real username behind a nickname
/skull - get yours or another player's skull.
/suicide - kill yourself (don't do it!!!!)

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